Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'We’re just crybabies in the West'

Michael Den Tandt:
"North America and Europe, geographic epicentres of the Occupy Wall Street movement, are the fattest of fat cats, globally speaking. For any North American, least of all a Canadian, to claim economic kinship with the globally disadvantaged is silly. Mention that to an Indian. Mention it to a Chinese. Cry me a river, will be the likely response. Followed by a wry chuckle, or perhaps an expletive. ... North Americans have little cause for complaint in a global context. Based on the UN data, bragging rights for the disenfranchised belong to the Chinese, Indians and Africans. Not to us. Not to anyone protesting on Bay Street, or in St. James Park, or anywhere in Western Europe, for that matter. ... The financial districts of Beijing, Mumbai and Nairobi, last time I checked, aren’t teeming with people yearning for the downfall of capitalism. Indeed, an attempt to launch Occupy Mumbai this week fizzled and died. That’s because, to most Indians, capitalism means investment and the possibility of a better job."

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(HT: Tim Challies)

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