Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Creation of All Things

The Belgic Confession of Faith

Article 12: The Creation of All Things

We believe that the Father, deeming it good, created heaven and earth and all other creatures from nothing by the Word—that is to say, by the Son.

God has given all creatures their being, form, appearance, and their various functions for serving their Creator.

Even now God also sustains and governs them all, by his eternal divine providence, and by infinite divine power, that they may serve humanity, in order that humanity may serve God. God has also created the angels good, that they might be messengers of God and serve the elect.

Some of them have fallen from the excellence in which God created them into eternal perdition; and the others have persisted and remained in their original state, by the grace of God. The devils and evil spirits are so corrupt that they are enemies of God and of everything good. They lie in wait for the church and every member of it like thieves, with all their power, to destroy and spoil everything by their deceptions.

So then, by their own wickedness they are condemned to everlasting damnation, daily awaiting their torments.

For that reason we detest the error of the Sadducees, who deny that there are spirits and angels, and also the error of the Manicheans, who say that the devils originated by themselves, being evil by nature, without having been corrupted.

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